About Us

We are team of developers from Germany who enjoy making apps like Ask.fm hack one is. We mainly work on developing mobile games and mods, but sometimes we build small hacks like these to kill our monotony habits and share them to world for free as our contribution to prove our programming skills. Our thought is, if internet taught us how to code for free, we have to give it something in return. And this program and our other ones is our legacy we share on web as a freebies.
If you are satisfied with our software and want to share your feedback with us, we would appreciated it a lot! Do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you need some help or you've accidentally discovered some bug you want to report.

App Usage

The main reason why we decided to build Ask.fm Tracker is we have noticed there is so much harassment and cyber bullying spreaded on social networks in overall look and especially on Ask.fm site. That's because you can post whatever you like to someones profile wall without revealing your real name, location or any identity. And because this social network is mostly used by students and schoolars who often entering into all kind of conflicts in real life as well in social media we believe our software will help to stop this kind of online maltreatment.
With using our tool you can easily discover out an authors identity who made certain post or question on your wall. All you have to do is to copy the link address of post you would like to track (To get an URL address click on time when post is made), then paste it into our anonymous finder's text box, press the button and wait approximately one minute to his/her detail information is shown. At the end you will get their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profile links shown (If they have it of course), and exact street address from where they've made a post on your Ask.fm wall.

100% Secured Tracking

Our tool uses latest technology proxies which makes your every connection 100% undetected and safe from anyone's eyes. That means your account will always be safe with using our program. Your privacy will always remain protected with us.
* Supported for Windows, iOS and Android devices.

Ask.fm Anonymous Tracking


Our software and this website is not affiliated with official Ask.fm company in any way. All protected trademarks and material is ownership of their respective company. The Ask.fm Tracker app should be used for educational and personal purposes only.